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"Streaks and Tips"...And I Don't Mean Highlights (Episode 3.4)

Previously on: Corinne went back to her old job as an ER nurse at Mission Cross. Julien got revenge on the coworkers who threw him the blanket party. Danny asked Julien about partnering up again and didn't get an answer. Shane's girlfriend Mara told him that she's pregnant and literally had a tantrum when he suggested getting married. Claudette was put in charge of both the Strike Team and the new Decoy Squad. The Strike Team has started to worry that the Decoy Squad might replace them.

"Oh, you didn't hear, dude? Shane's getting married!" Lem exclaims. The Barn explodes with cheers. Proud papa-to-be Shane has fistfuls of cigars for everyone. Doesn't he know you're supposed to give those out after the baby is born? Julien must've somehow missed Lem shouting because he says he didn't know Shane was married. "I'm not. Must've been an immaculate conception," Shane jokes. Danny has a joke of her own: "She your cousin?" Because all rednecks screw their relatives.

"Amazing thing is, she's not a stripper," says Ronnie. Shane has held back a cigar for his best buddy Vic, who asks how Mara is. Shane reports that she has morning sickness. Isn't it crazy that he's gonna be a daddy? I think it's only crazy it didn't happen sooner, given Shane's proclivity for unprotected sex.

Shane and Mara haven't really discussed wedding plans; they might even elope. But whatever they decide, Shane wants Vic there. Doesn't having guests take away the whole point of eloping?

Claudette approaches the ER check-in desk at Mission Cross. "Someone asks for a detective?" "That was me," says Corinne. Claudette didn't know Corinne was a nurse. As if. One thing I learned as a volunteer firefighter, men are capable of gossiping just as much as women. Corinne shakes hands with Dutch and says, "Dr. Genty asked me to call you."

Dr. Genty tells the detectives that a man named Robert has come in with food poisoning 3 times this month. Each time, he's tested positive for thallium, which is an odorless and tasteless poison. Dutch and Claudette interview Robert, who suggests someone could be tampering with products in his grocery store. Dutch asks to search his house to see if any of the packages look odd.

"Maybe it was a mix-up at the lab? I mean, I feel better now," says Robert. Dr. Genty ran 2 different samples. Dutch asks if the victim was trying to poison himself. "God, no," the guy groans. Dutch wants to know what the victim ate today. Robert's brother came over and they had breakfast at home. The other times he got sick, he was at home. And what do you know? So was his brother!

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Claudette, who'd stepped out to answer her phone, tells Dutch the captain called. He has to take the case by himself.

Tavon tells Vic he's thinking of transferring off the Strike Team. It's not as fun as he expected and he isn't fitting in like he wanted. "You're wanted," says Vic. He knows the other guys are a tight bunch. No surprise, Tavon's biggest problem is Shane. Before Vic can delve any deeper into that, the secretary tells him Edgar-veda and Claudette want to see him.

On a downtown street, there's a body under a yellow tarp. The victim is Karen Rivas, a local advocate for the homeless. She and her child were carjacked after a robbery, but the baby is okay. In a nearby store, the owner and his son are both dead. Claudette is running the investigation with the Strike Team and Decoy Squad falling in behind her. Vic wants to know why; they've worked robberies on their own before. "So have they," Claudette says of the Decoy Squad.

"Random crime, no video, media attention. Lucky we're here," says Walon. Vic wants to make a friendly wager: The first team to bring in the shooter wins. Walon wants to have pride riding on this instead of money. Shane is fine with that: "You guys lose, Sasquatch here has to take a bath." Walon has a better idea: Losers have to streak through the Barn. "Very 1974 of you," says Vic.

Lem asks what kinda bet that is; they need to put some money on it. Ronnie agrees. "A real man puts his dignity on the line," says Waylon, kicking off a round of trash talk from the Decoy Squad. Vic wants to be a gentleman and offer the Decoy Squad an out, since they're coed and the Strike Team isn't. Trish says the Strike Team are the only ladies she sees. The bet is back on.
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Claudette gives both teams some particulars. Karen was driving a white 1999 Mercedes S420. Vic will get the license plate and VIN from DMV. That'll only take, like, an hour. Lem will put out the APB. Nobody in the crowd saw anything, shocker. Walon, Annie, Eddie, and Trish will re-interview the potential witnesses.

Vic noticed two of the store's cases were cleaned out. Maybe the thieves were looking for something or were just pissed off they couldn't get into the register. Ronnie will take inventory. Tavon knows a fence who'll buy anything; Vic sends him and Shane to check on it. Vic is sure the car will turn up. The thieves might try to scrap it since they couldn't get any cash. Lem offers to go to the local chop shops.

Walon already has a witness. We see said witness, a black lady, being interviewed by news crews: "It was horrible. I heard shots and then I saw this white guy and this black girl run out. They jacked this lady's car, shot her dead, and threw her baby to the curb." Claudette pulls the woman aside and asks why she didn't mention this earlier. The witness went home to change her clothes and put on makeup; like many Los Angeles residents, she's a struggling actress.

Edgar-veda asks if she's worried the killers could identify her. The woman shrugs that they don't know her name or where she lives. Claudette has another question: "Are you in the phone book?" The woman now looks concerned. "You all are gonna protect me, right?"

Vic goes to a garage run by someone named Edixon. Lem got a phone call from Ronnie; the Decoy Squad rounded up some more witnesses. Vic is sure the captain is auditioning them to replace the Strike Team. Lem says, "Won't happen." "Damn straight," Vic agrees. They walk out back and find their man. Vic starts talking to him in Spanish; the only words I can get are "Mercedes blanco." Edixon swears he's never seen the car.

Vic puts a friendly arm around his shoulders and points to a nearby gate. You can hear lots of activity behind it. In English, Vic asks what's going on in there. He opens the gate without waiting for an answer. "Not another chop shop, Edixon!" Vic says disappointedly. There's an empty snack cart in the lot. "Who's stealing for you? The evil churro vendor?" Lem quips. He probably wishes there were churros in it.

"Policia!" Vic calls. He has all the employees put their hands on the cars. "If I see Mercedes, I call," Edixon promises. Vic wants Edixon to put word on the street that he's willing to pay top dollar for the car.

Tavon goes to a pawn shop with a list of items stolen from Ling's store. Shane is less interested in police business and more interested in the jewelry case. The shop owner, Meaty, hasn't seen anything on the list, but comments, "That's a rough way to go outta business." "If you already shelled out cash for it, maybe you wouldn't wanna say," Shane guesses, now behind one of the counters. Meaty repeats he doesn't have anything from Ling's.

While picking through a cardboard box, Shane finds a revolver. "Shit!" cries Meaty. Shane asks if he has a license to sell firearms. Judging by that response, I'd have to say no. The serial number's been filed off the revolver and there's 4 more in the box. Meaty tells Shane to leave his shit alone. Shane puts Meaty under arrest.

"If it turns up, he'll call," Tavon assures his partner. Meaty retorts, "Not anymore." Meaty is so big that Shane has to ask for Tavon's handcuffs too.

The witness looks through mugshots on Claudette's computer. She asks if they can wrap this up later; her 15 minutes of fame are almost up. The witness is sure she can describe the black girl, but white guys all look alike to her. Edgar-veda tells her to keep looking; the city is offering a $5,000 reward. That changes the witness's mind in a hurry.

Vic tells Claudette that he has chop shop CIs on the lookout for 1999 Benzes. Ronnie found out all the missing jewelry from Ling's was pawned by the same guy, Dean Warrison. Vic shows Claudette a mug shot. Lem went to Dean's last known address, but the guy moved out months ago. They're trying to figure out where he lives now and who's playing Bonnie to his Clyde. Edgar-veda reads off the rap sheet: robbery, breaking and entering, drug possession. Not a far leap from there to armed robbery and carjacking.

Claudette brings Dean's mugshot to her witness and asks if that's the man she saw. "He's white. Could be," the woman replies unhelpfully. The captain will release the make and model of Karen's car to the media. Vic asks what the Decoy Squad's come up with. Karen's Amex card was used an hour ago at a gas station. Walon's interviewing the clerk.

"Kevin, you're here because someone's trying to kill your brother," Dutch informs his suspect. They found thallium in Robert's system. He's been hospitalized for poisoning 3 times this month. Kevin wonders if Robert's trying to commit suicide. Dutch doubts it; Robert's had a good job for the last 12 years, owns his own home, has lots of friends, no trouble with dating, and is healthy. Why would a guy like that want to kill himself? "Depression?" Kevin suggests.

Dutch lays out his theory. Kevin is unemployed, broke, and has been to rehab. Robert made Kevin the beneficiary on his life insurance policy. He gets poisoned every time Kevin cooks for him. "It's a little perspicuous, don't you think?" asks Dutch. Of course, Kevin has no idea what the word means. I actually didn't either until I looked it up.

The detective laughs. "You think you're smart enough to lie to me?" He adds that "perspicuous" means "obvious." "It's obvious you're a dick," says Kevin.
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Ronnie has information for Vic. One of Dean's drug buddies said Dean recently moved in with a black woman. Ronnie doesn't have an address, but he's working on it. "Well, work harder," snaps Vic, "Our killer's runnin' around out there and I don't wanna be runnin' around in here buck-naked." I'm sure nobody wants to see all that, Vic, but who agreed to the bet again?

"Yeah, well, I got nothin' to be embarrassed about," Lem smirks. Ronnie wishes he'd waxed his back. Lem's seen Ronnie in the shower and pipes up: "It's not your back you need to be worried about." Well then!

Dean's file said he's been in rehab. Vic asks Lem to check out the rehab facility; maybe he met his girlfriend there. He hasn't gotten anything from chop shops so far. Through the open clubhouse door, they see Walon passing Trish a copy of Dean's mug shot. He tells her to show it around local motels.

"Whose mug shot?" asks Vic. Walon quickly turns off the computer monitor. Vic thinks that's cold. "Not as cold as you're gonna be," says Walon. He'll make sure the AC is turned up high.

Edgar-veda brings Carlos the reporter to Claudette's desk. He's doing a story about Karen's murder investigation for the Sunday paper; Claudette should give him full access. "How'd you get that assignment?" she asks, even though she already knows. The captain's secretary, Nina, tells him that Chief Bankston is on the phone. Edgar-veda is all "I'll call him back."

Claudette takes him aside and starts to say something about him being a glory hound. Edgar-veda insists this isn't about him; it's about a good citizen who was murdered while running errands. They have a suspect and he knows the case will be solved.

"Shane arrested my CI," Tavon hisses to Vic, "Ruined a 5-year relationship. He's trying to make me look like a punk." Vic asks Shane why he arrested Meaty. Shane replies, "Caught Fatboy Slim here filing the serial numbers off a few handguns." Vic wants to know if that crime had anything to do with the triple murder. Tavon insists it didn't; Shane just has his head up his ass.

"When Vic's not around, I'm in charge," says Shane. Vic tells him to cut Meaty loose. They're trying to catch a killer before the Decoy Squad (and preserve their dignity); he doesn't have time for his best friend's bullshit. As he's let out, Meaty taunts Shane. Vic warns the big man that if he opens his mouth again, he'll be begging to be just locked up. Meaty leaves in a hurry.

"What was that about?" asks Carlos, who saw the whole thing. Claudette explains, "Passionate people having a difference of opinion." Dutch comes downstairs and asks to talk to his partner. He thinks he went too far with Robert's brother because "you were down here with your photo shoot."

"Don't tell me you played bad cop," says Claudette. Dutch is like "well, you weren't there to stop me." Claudette knew he could handle the interrogation. Dutch agrees that he usually can, but there are times he needs his partner. They have a connection. Claudette puts up a hand: "Please don't say I complete you." She tells him to go back upstairs and try again.

Danny and her new partner Lucas respond to a domestic disturbance call. Inside the house, we can hear Vanessa and Julien arguing about whether or not he should see a doctor. Julien is worried about the cost. Danny knocks on the door and Julien lets them in. He assures them the fight was only verbal; he didn't know how loud they'd gotten, thinking it must've been a neighbor who contacted the police.

"The call came from this address," Danny tells the couple. Vanessa calls out for Randall and asks if he called the police. The kid nods. Vanessa apologizes for scaring him. Lucas wants to talk to Randall and Vanessa gives him permission. Danny takes Vanessa out on the porch, asking if the other woman feels threatened or unsafe. Standard procedure for this type of situation.

Vanessa swears that she's fine. Julien has just been under a lot of stress; after being attacked, he had to have back surgery. He's had that type of surgery once before and still has pain from it now and then. Julien might even need a third operation. Randall was just scared by the yelling.

Claudette tells Edgar-veda that the Decoy Squad got in touch with a motel clerk who saw the suspect's car. Vic can do better; he ID'd Dean's roommate as Danielle Riggs. The wannabe actress at the scene ID'd Danielle as the female carjacker. Claudette asks why there's tension between Tavon and Shane. "Ah, just two dogs humping," Vic shrugs. Claudette offers, "Well, if you can't pry them loose, I can get my hose out." She's impressed by the Decoy Squad and doesn't want any problems with the Strike Team.

Speaking of the Strike Team, they head to Dean's apartment and pick up the keys from the landlord. A neighbor calls from his porch that Dean isn't home; he saw Dean leave with Danielle this morning. Vic sends Tavon, Lem, and Shane into the apartment anyway. Vic shows Danielle's mug shot to the neighbor, who says, "She left with the white boy." Lem gives the all-clear.

Dutch brings Kevin a cup of coffee. He reports that Robert will be in the hospital overnight for observation. Dutch lets Kevin know how much his brother cares about him, claiming he practically threw Dutch out when he heard Kevin was a suspect. Dutch knows Kevin's really been trying and that he blew $15,000 borrowed from Robert on a bad investment.

"It was only $14,000," Kevin argues. The business venture would've been successful if the other investors hadn't gotten cold feet at the last minute. Dutch asks if Kevin is the kinda guy who always blames other people for his failures. "And you're one of these guys who's always just a dick," he fires back.

Edgar-veda asks Danny about the domestic dispute at Julien's. There's a new policy that any 911 calls at an officer's home address get flagged. Danny says it was nothing. Why wasn't it in her report? The captain wants her to be straight with him. Danny thought her orders were "see something, say something." It was just a loud argument that scared the kid so much he called the police.

The captain reminds Danny about the active excessive force complaint against Julien. Adding this in doesn't look good. Danny is planning to talk to Julien about it. Vic reports to Claudette that Lem and Tavon are sitting on Dean's apartment; Ronnie and Shane are trying to track down Danielle's family. Right then, Walon and the Decoy Squad come into the Barn with Dean in tow. Claudette takes Dean upstairs.

Vic asks Walon how they found Dean so fast. The Decoy Squad knew that Dean had a record for drug possession, so they staked out a few methadone clinics and got lucky. "You busted him based on my tip," Vic sounds just a bit territorial. Trish takes the opportunity to ask about Vic's, um, "tip": "cut or uncut?" Vic just smirks.

Claudette asks if Dean heard about the pawn shop shooting. He says no. Claudette knows he hocked the stolen jewelry. A witness saw him and Danielle. Dean claims he didn't rob the pawn shop; it was Danielle and Danielle's boyfriend Crazyhouse, who's fresh out of prison. Dean was just the getaway driver. He's been staying with Danielle, but they're not having sex. He needed cash and hocked some of her jewelry.

What Dean didn't know was said jewelry had been gifts from Crazyhouse. The guy lived up to his nickname and made Dean drive him to the pawn shop where he sold Danielle's jewelry. Crazyhouse must've stolen the car after Dean left. He didn't know Crazyhouse would kill anyone. Walon comes in the observation room to gloat. Vic tells him arresting the accomplice doesn't count; their deal was for the shooter.

Enter Claudette, who has no clue what they're talking about and doesn't care. She orders them to find Danielle and Crazyhouse. Vic and Waylon argue about who's trying to back out of the bet until Vic's phone rings. He's gotten a tip about the stolen car.

Deena, our female car thief from way back in Season 1, is at Eddie's shop trying to offload a 1999 Benz. She insists they're making a mistake, but Vic knows better. He brings her back to the Barn. "How come you never called?" Deena asks Edgar-veda.

Vic welcomes Danny back. She heard he's been mentoring Julien. Vic just told Julien that he needs to stand up for himself. "You mean like with Carlson and his broken arm?" she asks. Vic has no idea how that happened.

"So I heard you're going to the the city council," says Deena. All Edgar-veda did was win the primary; the general election hasn't happened yet. Deena knows he's running unopposed. She offers to be the next Mrs. Edgar-veda. The captain is sure his current wife would object to that. He informs her that the people who stole the car she was trying to sell left 3 people dead.

Deena asks about the reward before swearing she doesn't know where they are; she just works for a car broker. She didn't know it was the car from the news until she was arrested. Uh-huh, so just like last time, right? She can tell them where she ditched the car. The captain wisely asks, "And what will it cost me?" Deena wants the reward up front and for she and her boss to get a free pass.

Vic thinks, as do I, that Deena knows more than she's saying. The D.A. wants to give her immunity. Vic is fine with that as long as he can follow Deena and see what angle she's working. Walon asks if Edgar-veda needs the Decoy Squad to pick up the car and the captain agrees.

Dutch asks his partner where she's been. "Working a triple murder," she replies. Dutch can't get Kevin to talk and he couldn't find thallium anywhere in Robert's house. If Kevin doesn't confess, he'll be let go and free to poison his brother again. Robert refuses to believe Kevin could've been involved.

On the handy-dandy interrogation room whiteboard, Dutch draws two columns. He labels one "Robert" and the other "Kevin." Dutch writes that Robert is successful and has money, while Kevin is a broke loser. He adds that Kevin is also fratricidal, so he's going to jail.

Claudette comes in, looks at the whiteboard, and asks, "What is this shit?" She wants Dutch to step outside. She erases the board and apologizes to Kevin, claiming Dutch has an uncle high up on the force so he can't be fired. "She's just playing him. I got here on merit," Dutch informs the other detective in the observation room.

Claudette tells Kevin she gets worked up just thinking about how Dutch doesn't think she knows what she's doing. I'm sure that's actually the truth. Kevin knows someone like Dutch. "No offense, he can't possibly be this bad," says Claudette.

Shane asks Vic how they're gonna get rid of Tavon. Vic knows kicking the only black guy off the Strike Team wouldn't do them any favors with Edgar-veda or Chief Bankston who's also black. Besides, they need an outsider around to keep them sharp about the money train. Shane thinks it's bullshit. "It's my call, live with it," says Vic. They're following Deena and her boyfriend.

Deena's boyfriend stops in a parking lot. She gets out and pulls out a janitor-size ring of dummy keys. In no time, she's inside the car. Lem and Tavon swoop in with the van. Shane asks Deena if that's her car. It's not, but Deena has immunity. "Not on this one, you don't," Lem corrects her. Ronnie hands Vic a piece of paper, which apparently somehow proves she talked to the shooter. Vic will make sure charges get pressed.

Deena's boyfriend says the shooters sold them the stolen Mercedes; they needed a different car to get out of town. Deena swears they were going to turn the other couple in.
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Vic has a new plan in mind. Cut to the Strike Team gathered on the sidewalk as Deena and her boyfriend get out of the car. "I hope these two idiots don't blow it," Lem mutters.

Vic gets a call from Corinne; she's anxious and understandably so. Their oldest child is missing. The babysitter thought she was in her room, but Cassidy wasn't there when Corinne got home from work. Corinne thinks Cassidy might have run away. Vic tells her to call the police. Corinne already did and is waiting for them. Vic promises to be right there and hangs up.

Walking back to his car, he explains to the rest of the Strike Team what's going on. Shane asks who's being left in charge. "We're a team. Just get it done," Vic snaps.

By the time Vic gets to Corinne's, a police officer is already there. Corinne called all of Cassidy's friends, but none of them have seen her. The uniform tells Vic that detectives from juvenile division are on their way over to set up a command post. 6 patrol cars are combing the neighborhood. Interestingly, Matt's therapist Owen is sitting at the kitchen table.

Corinne says Cassidy's bike is missing too. Vic is relieved; that probably rules out kidnapping. Corinne doesn't know where she would've gone, though. Vic asks if Owen was around when Cassidy took off. He was, but didn't hear anything because he was busy working with Matt. Vic looks disgusted and turns to Corinne: "Let's go find her."

Danny sees Julien sitting on a locker room bench. The captain called in extra help until Dean and Danielle are arrested. Danny opines it might've been a good idea for him to stay on disability for a few more weeks. "Vanessa worries too much," he scoffs. Things are just fine at work and at home. Danny points out she was just at Julien's for a disturbance call; he's not himself. She even asks about Carlson's arm. "He got hurt," Julien replies simply. Danny doesn't look convinced.

Deena and Dean go to an indoor swap meet. The Strike Team is scattered throughout the place, posing as fellow customers. Tavon and Shane casually follow the couple. Suddenly, Dean grabs Danielle in a headlock. "Gun!" cries Shane. Girlfriend or not, Dean is prepared to kill her. "You got a car, man. Just go," Shane tells him. As soon as Dean steps outside, Lem hits him in the head with the butt of his shotgun. They cuff Dean and shove him against the wall.

Vic and Corinne are driving around looking for Cassidy. Vic asks if their daughter was upset about something. Most kids are if they're running away. Corinne told Cassidy she couldn't go to her friend Piper's for a sleepover and they'd discuss why after Corinne got home from work. Vic thought Corinne was working nights. "This was O.T.," Corinne explains. Vic proceeds to blame her work schedule for Cassidy running off.

Corinne thought the kids would be okay. Owen was there and so was Camilla the babysitter. She stands up for herself: "We're getting a divorce. I need to work. This is not my fault." Of course, Vic pulls the old "Whose fault is it?" Corinne tells him to shut up. You go, girl! I'm not a huge fan of her, but Vic is being pretty unreasonable.

Kevin continues insisting that he didn't poison his brother. Dutch brings Claudette a folder. She explains to their suspect that it's a "quadrophenia report." The lab supposedly found traces of thallium in Kevin's kitchen. Kevin asks what happens now. Dutch will get his name in the paper. Claudette adds, "Egomaniac hired a reporter to do a story on him." He'd get credit as the primary detective.

Kevin asks what would happen if he talked to Claudette. She guesses she'd get the credit. Kevin knew he could never pay back all the money he borrowed from Robert: "Thallium, it just seemed easier than disappointing him again." All righty then.

Driving past a park, Vic spots Cassidy sitting on a swing. He parks and both parents jump out of the car. Corinne asks Cassidy if she's okay. The kid says flatly, "Yep." Vic tells her they're going home. It takes a few repetitions of that phrase before she gets off the swing.

Danny and Julien meet with Edgar-veda. The captain has decided to make them partners again. Julien was happy with Tommy, but it's not up to him. As of tomorrow, he and Danny are back together.

Vic comes back to the Strike Team with the good news that Cassidy is okay. He observes, "Looks like you guys did just fine without me." Lem and Ronnie are playfully shoving each other. The Strike Team won the bet, meaning they all get to keep their clothes on. When they get back to the Barn, Vic brags about it to Walon.

"It's chilly in here." Vic observes, "Somebody turn up the air-conditioning?" Trish asks how they found the shooters. Vic turns her earlier question back on her: "Bikini or Brazilian?" He heads into the breakroom to praise Tavon for his part in preventing a shootout at the swap meet. Tavon doesn't think it was a big deal. Vic does and has a favor to ask: Work things out with Shane. Tavon has the chance to be the bigger man. Shane just acts out when he's jealous; he needs to feel secure.

"Send him to a shrink," Tavon suggests. Vic is gonna talk to Shane about this too; he's not blaming Tavon. Will he take one for the team by making the first move?

Julien and Vanessa are naked in bed. He asks what they're doing. Isn't that pretty obvious? "Maybe it's God's plan for us just to have Randall," sighs Vanessa. Julien wants his own child. "Randall is your child," Vanessa says. He kind of is by default; his biological dad doesn't seem to be in the picture. Julien practically growls, "A man like Shane Vendrell can get his woman pregnant without even trying." Vanessa soothes that they'll keep trying; she doesn't want to fight about it again. Julien doesn't want to fight either. He plans to see a doctor about it.

Dutch says Claudette is on a roll solving 2 cases in a day. "You solved the poisoning. I was just your pawn," she tells him. Oh, please don't say anything that might inflate his ego. Dutch guesses that's one way to look at it. He asks if she's strictly running the special teams or if she's still a detective. "I'm whatever you need me to be," says Claudette, reminding me of Eddie Murphy's intended brides in Coming to America.

When Shane walks in his apartment, he gets a surprise. Mara is talking to Tavon and trying to feel the baby move, even though she's nowhere near far enough along for that. "Looks like you're feelin' somethin'," says Shane, starting off this conversation off on the wrong foot. They immediately move away from each other. Mara kisses Shane's cheek. Shane asks how she's feeling. Mara's fine as long as she has her ginger ale and crackers. She steps out to check on the laundry/give the menfolk some privacy.

Tavon knows Shane and Vic started the Strike Team. He's not trying to replace Shane, just add to things. However, Tavon doesn't want to hang around where he's not wanted. "I wasn't tryin' to be a dick," Shane lies. He doesn't want Tavon screwing up what he and Vic built. "Just as long as you know your place, you'll be all right." Shane opens the door, trying to hint at Tavon to leave.

Of course, "know your place" was exactly the wrong thing to say. Tavon asks if Shane means the back of the bus: "He doesn't wanna hurt your little feelings, but Vic has plans for me." That gets Shane good and riled, as we Southerners say: "He's my best friend. He's been my best friend for 7 years. You really think he's gonna push me aside for some darkie?"

Tavon pops Shane in the mouth. Shane tackles him to the floor, breaking the coffee table in the process. They stand back up. Tavon pushes Shane into a shelf, knocking over the stereo. He shoves Shane into the opposite wall and makes a huge crack in the drywall.

Shane manages to overpower Tavon and push him back to the floor. He gets him in a headlock. Both of them are bleeding. Tavon tries to bite Shane's arm. Mara comes in to find Tavon on top of her baby daddy. She takes matters into her own hands, crying, "Get off!" as she smashes an iron into the back of Tavon's head. The blow knocks him for a loop. When Tavon gets up, he approaches Mara a couple of times. She holds the iron out in front of her as a warning. Shane is lying on the kitchen floor, the back of his shirt torn open.

Tavon staggers out of the apartment. We can hear him knocking more things over. "Where are you goin'?" Shane asks, getting up. He tries to follow Tavon, but collapses in the living room. Shane keeps crawling for the door, but Mara holds him back.

Vic tells Claudette that he took care of the Shane/Tavon problem. Oh, if only he knew what just happened. He reminds her of the good the Strike Team did today. "Just as long as they keep their clothes on," she smiles, "Lucky you didn't lose." Vic wasn't worried about that. "No, lucky for us you didn't lose," Claudette clarifies.

Tavon drives away from Shane's in the Strike Team van, still bleeding heavily from the head. He almost drifts into oncoming traffic. Tavon slumps over the steering wheel and veers to the side of the road. He hits a parked car. A passing motorist sees a Tavon-sized hole in the van's windshield. "Call 911, somebody," says another witness. Tavon lies motionless on the street. Talk about taking one for the team...

The prisoners are led out of the cage. Vic tells Lem to give the Decoy Squad the 2-minute warning. Vic's phone rings. Corinne talked to Cassidy's teacher about this morning's incident and the teacher suggested family counseling. Vic says he didn't mean to blame her; he was just out of his mind with worry. He's glad Cassidy is safe. Vic hears people cheering and abruptly hangs up. The show is about to start.

The Decoy Squad jogs through the Barn to Billy Squier's "The Stroke." (Which, oddly, isn't about what you'd think it's about at all). Walon shakes his bare ass at Dutch, eliciting more cheering. Lem is laughing so hard he can barely stand up. Ronnie is holding some money in his teeth, which Walon happily takes. He pole-dances his way back into the clubhouse and closes the door with a flourish. "I cannot believe Shane and Tavon just missed that," Vic chuckles to Lem. End of episode.

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