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A Painful "Extraction" (Episode 5.1)

Last season: A LOT of crazy shit happened, but the first part of the recap focuses on how Vic killed Terry Crowley way back in the pilot. Monica, the Barn's new (and now ex) captain, sicced Geno from Internal Affairs on Vic and the Strike Team. Dutch, shockingly, turned down the opportunity to become ringmaster of the Farmington circus.

Lem stole a brick of heroin from a drug dealer as collateral toward finding the body of his teenage informant Angie; he stupidly stashed said drugs in the glove compartment of his own Jeep. Emolia, a CI, witnessed the theft and ID'd the big guy. One of Geno's IAD buddies searched the Jeep in the dead of night and replaced the heroin with bunk. 

For reasons unknown, the subplot about Shane getting in over his head with cop-killing gangster Antwon Mitchell is not mentioned.

We open at a funeral home, which currently resembles the church scene from Kingsman.
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People are screaming and wrestling. The coffin gets knocked to the floor. A funeral home employee is almost put through a window. When your loved one's visitation turns into a free-for-all, who ya gonna call? The Strike Team.

Vic orders his teammates to split up the combatants. Lem pretty much uses the pews as hurdles. One of the funeral attendees whacks Ronnie over the head with a wooden crucifix. "Everybody, just be quiet!" Shane yells, which is futile at this point. Ronnie stands up, the angriest I've ever seen him look, demanding, "Who hit me?" "Jesus Christ?" Vic jokes when he sees the weapon.

The guests are lined up against the wall; the cops check their hands for blood with no luck. Vic tells Ronnie to go to the ER and have his head looked at. He wants Lem to have all the grieving relatives transported to the Barn.

Shane gripes that this is a bullshit call uniforms could've handled. Vic asks the funeral director who hit Ronnie; the guy says it was a black guy with a blond afro. He's seen the kid hanging out in front of a liquor store.

Funeral Director wonders what's going around: "This is, like, the second black and Latino brawl I've had this week." He's from Culver City, unfamiliar with Farmington gangs. Vic explains that last week, a black man killed a Mexican boy in a hit-and-run. Nobody was willing to come forward as a witness. The Mexicans found the driver and beat him to death, then blacks killed two Mexicans. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

Julien and his partner go to a high school, where a female student was stabbed in the back 3 times and discovered in a bathroom stall. The girl is being rushed to the hospital. Julien's Latina partner asks if the school has metal detectors.

"Some of them don't work very well," the principal admits. She doesn't know the names of witnesses other than Zellie, a junior who discovered the victim. Julien requests the principal keep Zellie in the office until detectives arrive. Wonder what happened to Danny...

Julien's new partner Tina goes into the girls' bathroom and inspects the blood puddle. Julien scolds her for contaminating the scene. "Oh shit," she says, realizing she stepped in the blood.

We cut to the Barn and now I get why Danny isn't in the field: She is very obviously pregnant. Nobody seems interested in going to the briefing room to listen to the new captain's speech. "Come on, I'm hormonal and I expedite your paychecks," Danny coaxes. I can understand why nobody cares about the speech; Monica's replacement is the gutless Billings.

Vic, the Strike Team, Dutch, and Claudette dutifully stand at the very back of the briefing room. "Bet you lunch he says 'and so forth' at least twice," Dutch mutters to his partner.

Billings informs the assembly that a measure on the city ballot failed, making the temporary department budget cuts permanent. They'll have to make do with a "lack of manpower in the Barn and on the street and so forth." Everyone grumbles about this.

Chief Bankston asked Billings to pass along that this isn't a reflection on police job performance. As of next week, all marked cars will be single-unit. Officers with 6 months of experience or more will be flying solo. Billings turns the floor over to Danny, "who might be keeping mum about who the daddy is, but she'll gladly spill the beans on your new assignments." Smart money says she and Vic rekindled their affair.

Vic makes an impassioned speech of his own: "Cheap bastards don't wanna cough up a half a cent in sales tax, screw 'em. Next time somebody bitches P.D. didn't show up..." He slams a penny on the table. "...tell 'em that coulda bought two cops, on time. So let's keep showing up. Everything else will even itself out." Billings agrees, "Everything will even itself out. And so forth."

Julien asks to interview the rest of the juniors. The principal says the entire junior class has the same lunch period. Tina complains that could take all day. As the adults approach the cafeteria, they hear screams. A girl runs out, her nose bleeding. A crowd follows her, like the wildebeest stampede from The Lion King.

The scene in the cafeteria resembles a prison riot more than a school. Students are punching each other. Food and even chairs fly. Danny and Tina are helpless to control this many people and they know it. Before they can call for backup, shots are fired. The officers turn their focus to evacuating the cafeteria. Tina gets separated from her partner.

At the Barn, Danny sounds the alarm: "Full-blown riot at Wellman-Chase High School. Shots have been fired. Officers need help." Billings looks like he has no idea what to do. Vic takes over: Bring in every tactical unit on duty. Make sure fire and EMS stage two blocks away.

The cafeteria melee has spilled out into the parking lot. A car is on fire; a bunch of kids flip another car over. Others break a window and try to yank a screaming girl out of her car. Vic grabs a hose from a nearby fire truck and tells the firefighters to charge the line. Ah, the oldest riot control measure in the book.

The kids quickly change their minds about the attempted assault/carjacking/whatever they planned. Vic keeps the crowd at bay with the hose as more patrol cars arrive. And look who's here, everyone's least favorite city councilman: Edgar-veda. Vic glares at him from behind his sunglasses.

A short time later, EMS is triaging injuries. Kids in cuffs are sitting on the curb. "This was your solution? Turn the goddamn fire hose on my kid?" asks an angry mother. Vic wants to know if she would've preferred them to open fire. Edgar-veda actually sides with Vic, telling the woman this was the best way to keep all the kids safe.

Dutch and Claudette are outside the bathroom where the stabbing took place. Dutch spots an errant footprint, which Julien identifies as Tina's. "Preserving the scene is Training Officer 101," Claudette tells Julien, "That's how murderers go free." Tina apologizes. Dutch eyes her up and down. When the uniforms leave, Claudette tells Dutch that Tina is too young for him.

Downstairs in the cafeteria, a boy lies dead. "This shooting connected to our stabbing or is this just extra credit?" asks Dutch. When Claudette leans over to look at the body, she seems to be in pain. Dutch offers to get the paramedics, but she waves him off. They'll work the stabbing and leave the shooting to Vic.

It's standing-room-only in the Barn's lobby. Danny informs Billings that parents want to take their kids home. Billings would love to make that happen: "Unfortunately, all the little shitheads are either suspects or witnesses." Danny adds, "They wanna talk to a captain." "And I want more hair!" Billings snaps. He tells Danny to deal with it because it's "good mothering practice."

Weston, a kid who was in the cafeteria during the shooting, was found to be carrying a Taser. Billings gives Vic permission to do "anything necessary" to keep it off his plate.

Vic tells the teenage suspect that 11 of his classmates are hospitalized, one is dead. Having a Taser on school grounds "puts you at the top of the most-likely-to-be-tried-as-an-adult list." Weston doesn't see it that way: "The knife and the gun did the damage. That don't mean shit."

Vic "persuades" the kid to talk by zapping the metal rail he's cuffed to. Shane asks what the Taser is for: "Toasting Pop-Tarts?" Weston protests he's just trying to protect himself.

After another round of Tasering, he elaborates: "It's a kill clock. Some Mexicans gotta kill a couple brothers by tonight." He doesn't know why or who's behind it. Before leaving, Vic Tasers the kid a final time: "That's for being a wiseass."

Vic educates us about kill clocks. Gangs use them to set time limits on initiations or retaliations. Dutch asks if Vic is sure that's the case. "If it stirs up enough fear, it's real," says Vic. He'll talk to one of his CIs. Danny has bad news: Caroline, the stabbing victim, died in the OR. Before Danny goes downstairs, Vic checks to make sure she's feeling okay.

Shane, Dutch, and Claudette work tag-team. They let Zellie know that Caroline is dead. Keeping quiet about what she knows is interfering with their investigation, which is a crime. Zellie admits to seeing Lorenzo run out of the girls' bathroom just before she went in and found Caroline.

Shane wants to swap cases with Claudette and she agrees. Dutch will tell Billings. "Ah, why confuse him?" asks Shane.

Emolia signs a statement for Lieutenant Kavanaugh of Internal Affairs. We can't see his face yet, but I recognize his voice. It's Forest Whitaker, who I know best as Big Harold from the Oscar-winning Vietnam War epic Platoon. Emolia opens the door and Edgar-veda is waiting on the porch. Kavanaugh grins, "You're early" and waves him in.

Edgar-veda doesn't seem to get why he's there; Monica was the one who revived the investigation into Vic and the Strike Team. Kavanaugh brings him up to speed about Lem stealing the heroin. Internal Affairs is waiting to see if that develops into anything. So far, Vic's nose has been as clean as he ever keeps it. A CI is keeping tabs on Vic and will report anything dirty.

Kavanaugh wonders if Edgar-veda can help out. The councilman chuckles and shakes his head: "You've got my letter. And I've got nothing else to add." Vic is no longer his problem. "Perception is your problem," says Kavanaugh. He (correctly) accuses Edgar-veda of doing nothing when Vic was under his command. Edgar-veda protests he did everything he could. Kavanaugh apologizes for being out of line.

Kavanaugh describes Vic's personnel file as "a 20-page cautionary tale" and "a lawsuit waiting to happen." All he wants is to get Vic off the street. Edgar-veda implies that putting one cop's head on a spike will get the public to trust the rest of the force. Next time the police department requests more funding, the voters will say yes.

Kavanaugh looked over the file on Terry's death; it's clear Vic was a suspect. "And your comrades ruled it line of duty," Edgar-veda reminds him. Kavanaugh asks if the rumors are true that the feds were involved with Terry.

Ever the self-serving bastard, Edgar-veda wants to know what's in it for him. Kavanaugh says it'll make him look good, checking on Vic even after leaving the department. If Edgar-veda plays his cards right, he could ride this into the mayor's office. Edgar-veda can barely conceal his glee.

However, the councilman isn't stupid enough to think taking down Vic will be easy: "Lemansky, he's a soldier. He'll follow Mackey anywhere, but he's the one with a conscience." They'll have to scheme a way to create a rift between Lem and Vic. I think they already have one and his name is Shane Vendrell. "If I give you this, I'm done," Edgar-veda says. I seriously doubt that.

"Terry was working with Justice to bring down Mackey," Edgar-veda confirms, adding, "I think Vic had him killed." Now it's Kavanaugh's turn to be giddy as a schoolboy. He offers the councilman a stick of Juicy Fruit.

Edgar-veda declines twice. "You hold this out here long enough, some people feel compelled to take the gum," says Kavanaugh, "It's a sign they'll crack under pressure." Then Lem is in trouble.

Vic stops by Emolia's safe house with a lollipop for her son. He asks Emolia to see if she can find out anything about a Mexicans-vs.-blacks kill clock. Vic knows being a CI pays Emolia's rent, but the work is "a roll of the dice." She should get out before she has a chance to get hurt. Vic promises to help her find another job. Emolia says she'll think about it.

Assistant Chief Phillips asks if the Truman-Chase riot was gang-related. Billings is clueless. Vic speaks up: They have a motive, but no suspects. Phillips wants to talk to Vic in private. "If this is about me hosin' down those kids, I'd rather have 'em pissed off and wet than dead and dry," says Vic.

Phillips gives Vic a letter from the pension department; they want Vic to retire when he hits 15 years on the job. Vic is in shock.

Phillips explains that anyone close to 20 years in or with problematic personnel files is being shown the door. It's due to the cutbacks, nothing personal. Vic sees right through that: "Then why am I getting the news hand-delivered to me by the chief's inner circle?" Phillips is sorry, but there's nothing he can do. He advises, "Don't give them a reason to pull your pension."

Vic stares morosely out the window. Shane, not knowing what's just transpired, comes into the clubhouse with intel on Lorenzo. The kid is 17 with a few misdemeanor charges, no violence or gang affiliation. Lorenzo's dear old dad is doing 10 years in prison for assault. Shane notices his bestie seems distracted. Vic shows him the letter.

"These are retirement papers," Shane says disbelievingly. Vic tells Shane he's leaving when he hits his 15th anniversary. Shane exposits that's only 4 months away. Don't remind him. Vic rips up the letter and tosses it in the trash can: "I'll walk myself out the front door before I let someone push me out the back." For now, this situation needs to stay between best friends.

Enter Lem and Ronnie, laughing about something. The brunette is sporting a small bald spot. "Man, nothing can hurt that cabeza," kids Lem. Shane pokes at the stitches, asking, "Is it sore?" Not if they gave him the good stuff.

Ronnie wants a piece of the guy who hit him. "'Hood needs a reminder: You hurt us, we hurt you worse," Vic agrees.

The Strike Team pays a visit to Lorenzo's mom. She swears she hasn't seen her son all day; she just got in from picking up his little brother at soccer. Vic hears an engine revving and looks over his shoulder. Lorenzo is hilariously attempting to flee on what looks like his kid brother's minibike. He's barely past his own house when he gets clipped by a car.
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Lorenzo stands up and starts running, the Strike Team on his heels. Lorenzo stops in a nearby park. Spotting a black man holding a Bible, the kid pulls out his gun and shoots him in the chest. He then tries to shoot the pursuing cops. Lorenzo darts into the street and carjacks a minivan.

Vic "borrows" car keys from a construction worker. He drives over the sidewalk to cut the kid off and T-bones the stolen van. Lorenzo begins to climb out the window. "Don't move or you're dead!" Vic warns. The kid freezes. Shane pulls Lorenzo to the ground.

Lorenzo's mother jogs up, demanding, "What are you doing? Why are you arresting him?" Vic snarks, "He ran a stop sign."

At the Barn, Vic informs the teen he's a lousy shot. The man with the Bible "lost a lot of blood, but he'll live to see Armageddon." Lorenzo's Mom is sure her son only ran because he was scared: "He sees what white cops do to Mexican kids." Vic asks if Lorenzo was scared when he stabbed Caroline at school.

"Tell them you didn't do it, 'Renzi," says Mom. Lorenzo tensely asks what time it is. He's sweaty, bug-eyed, and says he doesn't feel good. Vic says, "I wouldn't feel too good either if I just slaughtered an innocent girl." He clicks through the kid's cell phone and flips the screen around. "I'm guessing you didn't download the death photo with your ringtones." "Oh Jesus," Mom whimpers.

Lorenzo responds by throwing up all over the table. Vic calls Tina over, standing so she can't see into the room. He asks her to escort Lorenzo to the men's room. Tina's just in time to watch Lorenzo vomit again. She looks ready to sympathy-puke.

Claudette and Dutch talk to the suspected cafeteria shooter, who swears he wouldn't kill a fellow Mexican. Claudette knows he's been bragging about having a new gun. The kid must've gotten it past the faulty metal detectors and used it to shoot someone in the back.

Dutch wants to call juvie and let the kid spend a few weeks there, "get a taste of his future." "Maybe a little truth will seem like a good idea then," says Claudette. The kid says he didn't do the shooting; it was Every-Day AKA Evan Dayne. He's in a gang called Hope Hill.

Tina exits the interrogation room, gingerly touching shirtless Lorenzo's upper arm with rubber gloves. Lorenzo lunges, almost knocking Claudette over the railing. Dutch grabs the teen from behind in a headlock and pulls him off his partner. "Stop! You're killing him!" shrieks Mom.

It takes both Vic and Shane to wrestle scrawny Dutch away from Lorenzo. Claudette assures Dutch that she's okay. Lorenzo pukes over the balcony, scoring a direct hit on Billings. "Goddamn it, this is a new suit," the captain gripes.

Corinne drops off Matt and Megan at Glenridge, their special-needs school. As the kids walk into the building, Kavanaugh appears at Corinne's shoulder. He lies that he just dropped his own son off at orientation.

Kavanaugh only has to offer once before Corinne accepts a stick of Juicy Fruit. He's empathetic about her plight; sometimes he has trouble with just one autistic child, especially as a single father. "Doing it alone is hard," Corinne agrees. She does at least acknowledge that her ex helps with tuition and is there for the kids as much as possible.

Kavanaugh's imaginary ex-wife is embarrassed by their child being different and isn't in the picture. There are days he wonders why he even married her. Does Corinne ever feel like that? Also, would Kavanaugh mind if he called her? The principal suggested he make friends with other parents.

Corinne falls right into his trap and tells him she's under "Mackey" in the school directory. She'd be happy to tell him more about the school or talk about their respective kids. Her ex-husband won't be much help in those departments.

Shane asks Julien if he knows who Danny's baby-daddy is because "the pool's up to 1,100 bucks." They could split the money, minus "a broker's fee for insider trading." Julien tells the guys to stop pestering her about it. Tina asks who Ronnie would bet on. Ronnie answers honestly, "These things, I always go with Shane."

The Southerner reminds them that he's married and follows Clinton's rule: no intercourse with other people, just oral. Besides, he's attracted to small women. Danny was pretty small before she got pregnant, you know.

Tina cracks wise about the size of Shane's equipment and bets $20 on the sperm bank. Shane blows her a kiss as he leaves. He escorts Lorenzo, dressed in a clean white T-shirt, back upstairs. When the interrogation room door closes, Mom asks her son, "Are you on drugs?" Without waiting for an answer, she slaps him and grabs him by the back of his hair. "I didn't raise an animal!"

"Who set the kill clock?" asks Vic. Mom steps between them when Vic tries to grab the kid's shirt. Shane sees Emolia outside the screen door.

In the clubhouse, Emolia explains that the boy killed in the hit-and-run was a Los Mag's nephew. Said Los Mag is serving time in Chino, just like Lorenzo's dad. "I got a few juvie graduates in Chino. I'll find out what Pops' story is," Lem volunteers. Vic asks for a minute alone with his CI and gives Emolia gas money.

Vic goes back at the teen with what he knows. The dead child's uncle is on the same cell block where Lorenzo's dad has been helping black inmates sell illegal cigarettes. "That asshole can't even play by the rules in prison," says Shane.

Vic guesses Lorenzo Senior said Junior could be their outside assassin. "Does that bastard have something to do with this?" Mom asks tearfully. Vic whispers in Lorenzo's ear: "Mommy can't help you."

"It's about justice," says Lorenzo, "It's Mexi-pride." Dad told him that if he didn't kill two blacks by 10:00 tonight, the Los Mags would see dear old Dad shivved.

"Why would you do this for him?" asks Mom. Lorenzo hates his dad, "but if I don't do it, it falls on Cisco. He was on the other line. Dad told him too." Dad gave them the combination to his gun safe. Cisco is still fond of dad and will probably finish the kill clock. When Vic checks the lobby, Cisco is gone.

"Description of the shooter sounds like our lost brother," says Ronnie at a barber shop. A bloodied middle-aged black man is sitting in one of the barber chairs. Lem checks the guy's pulse, but he's dead.

The owner reports Cisco went out the back, adding, "You know that crazy kid stopped to take a goddamn Polaroid? I stuck him with my best pair, though." "You mean your scissors?" asks Ronnie before running out with Lem.

In the alley, Shane has spotted a blood trail. They can just barely make out the top of his head over what looks like a concrete planter.

Cisco's holding up a Polaroid, insisting, "I gotta get this picture to my dad." "We'll talk about the picture after you put the gun down," says Vic. He'll even personally take it to Chino. Cisco complies.

The Strike Team steps closer. "This really hurts," Cisco whimpers. The barber's scissors are still stuck in his shoulder. Cisco then does the one thing you should never, ever do when impaled: he yanks them out. Vic holds pressure on the wound and sends Lem to grab a paramedic.

Claudette questions Evan about what happened in the cafeteria. "I heard the shots and I hit the floor, just like everybody else," he says. Dutch informs the kid they have three witnesses saying Evan himself was the shooter: "Those aren't very good odds for you." He leans on the table.

"You best tell pale boy to get outta my goddamn face," Evan says to Claudette. He sighs that the witnesses are probably all Hispanics who hate blacks and would love to see another one in jail. That sounds like motive to Dutch. Evan calls him lazy. Dutch's pride is wounded, so he tells the kid he's good at his job. "Your busted ass sucks at it," Evan disagrees.

Dutch tells the uniforms outside interrogation to book Evan for murder. Evan shouts that he's innocent. Neither detective is buying it.

Back at the barber shop, the EMT thinks Cisco will make it. Vic gives Mom the news that her youngest son killed an innocent person. Mom says, "I wanted to kill their father a dozen times and I never did. For their sake. Los Mags should slit his throat from ear to ear." Crying, she gets in the back of the ambulance to ride with Cisco.

"She's right, you know. That prick should die," says Shane. Vic promises, "He will. Just not today." Lem has two hours to get the pictures to Chino and stop the kill clock.

A teacher called Danny to report his gun stolen from a locked desk drawer. Evan just happens to have said teacher for homeroom and science. Claudette, who must've gone to Catholic school, asks, "Whatever happened to smacking a kid's knuckles with a ruler?" When Danny walks away, Dutch tells his partner he bet $50 that it's Vic's baby. "That's funny 'cause I got $50 on you," says Claudette.

Vic rings Corinne's doorbell. He tried calling and nobody answered. He wants to see the kids. Corinne tells him he can't just drop by. The kids have a schedule. Vic reminds her, "And mine's always changing. Do you want me to ever see them or not?" Corinne didn't make the rules; it's their custody agreement.

Corinne notices something on Vic's upper arm: "Is that blood?" Vic tells her it's from a 12-year-old. It's been an exceptionally bad day at work and he just wants to give his children good-night kisses. Corinne hands him a towel: "Wash it off before you see them." After he does, Cassidy runs up and gives Vic a hug.

Tina compliments Dutch on closing the school shooting so quickly. Dutch tells her how the odds decrease after the first 24 hours. And here I thought it was the first 48. Tina smiles, "I'm gonna learn a lot from you, aren't I?" "Could be," Dutch smiles back. Claudette tells him the gun-shot residue test on Evan came back negative.

Vic, Shane, and Ronnie go to a quickie-mart looking for blond afro guy. "Took you guys 3 hours to show up last time I called," grumbles the clerk. Vic hands him a business card: "Next time, you call us. We're your new 911." The clerk gives up afro guy's name: Darius McBride AKA D-Mac. He bought Band-Aids and beer this morning.

Vic grabs an unsuspecting customer by the beer cooler, pulls his gun, and issues a stern warning: "Anybody any color hits this store, I will beat them half-dead and plant enough shit on them to send them away for a 10 stretch. Spread the word."

"Guys like the girly girls," Danny remarks, watching Tina touch up her lipstick in the women's room. Satisfied with how she looks, Tina tucks the makeup into her vest. Danny is aghast: "You replaced your breastplate with lipstick and tampons?" The rookie shrugs that it's a good place to put stuff.

"That's a reprimand," Danny informs her, "As well as probably getting you killed." She advises, "Lose those hoop earrings before someone rips your ears out." Didn't they teach Tina about the dress code in the academy? Tina asks if she pissed Danny off somehow. Danny tells her she needs to take her job seriously: "You're a cop, not a Kelly Girl."

Tina appreciates what Danny's saying, but it's just so darn hard to fit in with the boys. In my experience with volunteer firefighters, being overly concerned about makeup and looking hot makes things worse, not better. If Tina wants to prove the boys wrong, a good start to that would be fixing the safety issues with her wardrobe.

Julien is surprised Danny is still at the Barn. He thought light duty was a 9-5 gig and admires her for "pretty much running the place." Danny wishes she was still on patrol. "Don't be so sure. I got my work cut out for me," says Julien.

Danny defends Tina: "She's raw, but she's got potential." By the way, Julien's end-of-shift paperwork is late. Julien will get Tina to do it. "See? I did train you right," says Danny.

Another bathroom scene! The one at Lem's place is powder-blue, very Miami Vice, and I love it. Lem stands in front of his mirror, wearing nothing but a towel.
I'm fine, it's just really warm in here...
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Someone is knocking on his door. He doesn't put on pants or anything, but he does stop to take his gun out of what looks like the linen closet. After checking the peephole, Lem puts his gun on a side table next to his badge and Chino visitor's pass. What we can see of Lem's house is pretty organized for a bachelor cop.

"Curtis Lemansky," greets Kavanaugh, completely unperturbed by the mostly-naked dude in front of him. He introduces himself as IAD and says Lem will have to come with him. Lem wants to know what this is about.

Kavanaugh doesn't answer, but graciously gives him the opportunity to get dressed first. Walter, also of IAD, pushes his way into the house and tries to herd Lem down the hall. The big guy is having none of this. He even shoves Walter: "I'll get dressed. Leave me alone." Kavanaugh confiscates Lem's gun and smirks evilly as he takes the badge.

Montage! The Strike Team has caught up to Darius. Claudette brushes her teeth, several prescription bottles on the sink beside her. Another ulcer casualty? There's a shot of the DANNY DADDY POOL posterboard hanging in the Barn. Everyone's money seems to be on "turkey baster," followed by Vic and Shane. Even Lem has a few votes.

Tina dresses up for a night on the town in a sequined orange tank top and short black skirt. Almost the same ensemble Danny wore in the pilot for her blind date. Dutch stares as she leaves. Put your eyes back in your head!

Cassidy does homework at the kitchen table. Corinne pops in the stick of Juicy Fruit she's been carrying around all day.

Edgar-veda looks over Terry's file again.

The Internal Affairs guys frog-march Lem out of his house and stuff him in their car. Poor Lemming.

In a parking garage, Shane holds up Darius. Ronnie, the least violence-prone of them all, repeatedly punches his attacker. Vic decides Darius has had enough. Shane steals Darius' iPod and walks off listening to it. Vic does something not very bright: He leaves behind one of their old calling cards.
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Kavanaugh lays everything out for Lem. 6 months ago, Internal Affairs found a kilo of pure heroin in his glove compartment and switched it out. Lem never logged the brick into evidence.

Lem can't believe they've been watching him for that long without him knowing about it. Well, he's never seemed like the most observant guy and they did snoop through the car when he was in bed.

Our friend Lem is facing serious charges, namely felony theft under color of authority (not sure that's a real thing) and intent to distribute. Kavanaugh tries flattery, "You're a smart guy. You've been on the other side of this table a long time. You know how that will play out. Does that seem fair to you?" Lem knows Kavanaugh is bluffing; if they wanted to arrest him, they'd be at police headquarters. What does he want?

"I want us both to do the right thing, Curtis," says Kavanaugh. Lem scoffs. "Why is it that the guy with the conscience always has to get caught holding the bag?" That's actually a fair question. "And we don't really want that guy. We want the guy that put him into motion, the one who is really dangerous. Who do you think I want, Curtis?" End of episode.

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