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"String Theory" Connects Everything (Episode 4.9)

Previously on: Shane was told to kill Vic in exchange for the location of Angie's body. Army freaked out and (nonfatally) shot Antwon's lieutenant Halpern. Vic was prepared to get Shane before Shane got him, but backed off when he realized how much trouble Shane is in. 

Danny enjoys lunch and banter with her fellow uniforms. Julien stalks off to wait in the car. He's supposed to be on desk duty, but his union rep appealed to have him on the street until his hearing. Carl doesn't agree with the stand Julien is taking regarding the seizures and, by extension, Monica. He and his partner Scooby leave to go on a call.

Lem is sure Shane was just making things up because he had a gun to his head. Vic, of course, totally believes his bestie. "He's been lying to us for months, givin' all that intel to Antwon," Lem argues. Vic knows this is about Angie; her own mother is the one who turned her in: "Shane had to watch Antwon shoot her. He's sick about it." Not half as sick as Lem, guarantee it. Lem argues sick people don't only worry about covering their own asses. Ronnie wants to hear him out. "Boys," Shane greets.
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Lem paces the clubhouse floor as Shane tells them everything about what happened with Antwon. Vic wonders if there's a relationship they can use against the gangster. "Outside of the brothers, he ain't too popular," says Shane. Army had nothing to do with any of it. Shane reiterates how sorry he is about what happened to Angie. He wants her to have a proper burial. Lem isn't buying the apology. Of course, Vic does: "Now it's time for us to do our part."

Army is none too pleased that Shane spilled his guts to everyone without warning him. He, Shane, Vic, Lem, and Ronnie are down the street from the shelter. Guards are posted all the time, but the shelter officially closes at midnight. They're One-Niners, so they can be run in for violating the injuctions. After dark, they'll dig up Angie's body, remove the police-issue bullets, and "find a really good place to bury her."

Once they do that, Antwon won't have any leverage against Shane. They can put him in prison for life. "Or we shoot him for resisting," Shane adds. Lem mutters, "This is bullshit" and walks away. Vic follows him.

Danny and Julien are dispatched to the domestic dispute that Scooby and Carl were investigating. Their fellow cops haven't answered the radio for quite a while, but their patrol car is outside the apartment, blue and red lights still on.

Danny and Julien talked to Lydia the 911 caller. She thinks Carl and Scooby left half an hour ago. They were looking for Gideon, her ex's son, who had threatened to break in and rape her. She doesn't know which way Carl and Scooby went.

Danny still can't raise them on the radio. Something is definitely wrong. When Monica arrives, Danny reports that she and Julien canvassed the block without success. Monica lets dispatch know about the situation. Julien thinks they should call Carl and Scooby's families.

Vic has a hunch Antwon is trying to send a message via the officers who disappeared. "If that's true, then they aren't just missing," says Shane. Lem suggests, "Retribution for not killing the cop he wanted?" Vic wants Ronnie, Shane, and Army to recover Angie's body and find out where Antwon is. Lem will go with him and join the search. Not being around Shane is fine and dandy by him.

Monica asks Claudette and Dutch to take over Gideon's case. Dutch knows that if Carl and Scooby are alive "they won't be for long. Your two best detectives are right here right now." Monica makes them the primary detectives on the search. Dutch wants to call the sheriff for bloodhounds.

Monica assigns Julien to be the department liaison and sit with Carl's wife. Edgar-veda joins the group, dressed in his uniform. He's not on reserve duty tonight, but mistakenly thinks he's still part of the brotherhood of blue. Julien wants to be on a search team. Monica says bluntly, "I don't have time to worry about whether you'll follow orders." Danny draws the short straw and has to ride around with Edgar-veda.

Vic and Lem arrive to help work the gang angle. Monica sent uniforms to pick up Antwon, but he's nowhere to be found.
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She's not sure how many people she can spare to round up Antwon's crew. Vic blames this on him being put in the background of the gang task force, then apologizes. He knows that wasn't fair to say. Lem wants to know if any quadrants need coverage. Monica defers that question to Dutch and Claudette.

Shane asks Antwon's associate Pipes what he knows about the missing cops. They round up him, Franklin, and a few other homeboys. Vic quietly gives Shane, Ronnie, and Army an hour to find the body.

Dutch gives Danny and Edgar-veda an address where they can find Gideon. Officer Lucas jogs up with a lead. Another neighbor called 911 an hour before Gideon's intended rape victim Lydia. A homeless man was digging through people's trash and making threats.

Ronnie and Shane perform the lovely task of tipping over the porta-potty Angie is buried beneath. They both almost puke from the smell. It was definitely a good idea not to involve Lem. He was Angie's friend and also he'd be vomiting DNA all over the crime scene. "You do the digging," says Ronnie.

Back at the clubhouse, Shane has bad news: Angie's shallow grave was empty. Halpern probably told Antwon to move her. Hell, he could've lied about the location. Vic has a plan: "Can't find the Don, go visit Fredo." Monica has now put Lem in charge of finding Antwon.

Dutch and Claudette have Gideon handcuffed to an interrogation room table. He has a record for selling steroids. Gideon claims that his dad's girlfriend Lydia has been coming on to him. "If she's chasing you, how come she's the one calling 911 trying to stop you from breaking into her house?" asks Dutch. The officers who responded to that call are now missing; it'd take someone strong to overpower both of them.

Gideon has an alibi, namely doing 'roids with his friend Greg: "Got fresh track marks in my ass to prove it." He eyes Dutch's scrawny physique. "Looks like you could use a little juice, buddy."

The detectives confront Lydia with what they know. Claudette accuses her of luring the cops into a bad situation. Lydia only wanted to get Gideon in trouble; she planned on dropping the charges if things got "friendly." Dutch and Claudette can't believe it. Across the Barn, they see a uniform bringing in a homeless man.

Homeless Roger, who looks like a knockoff Misha Collins, describes the officers who talked to him earlier. One was black, the other Asian. Ethnicity-wise, it's a match to Carl and Scooby. He saw them go into the apartment, but won't say anything else until he gets a badge. Claudette tells him that civilians don't have badges. "When I get my badge, all things will be made known," says Roger. Might be time for one of them to go downstairs and grab one of the replicas they hand out at school safety fairs.

Vic and Shane pay a visit to Mission Cross. They learn from Corinne that Halpern came to the ER last night with a gunshot wound. He's been admitted and is on a morphine drip. Won't be getting anything useful out of him. She takes them up to Halpern's room.

Shane informs Halpern that Angie's body wasn't under "the goddamn outhouse." Halpern guesses Antwon moved it. Vic applies pressure to the gunshot wound, demanding to know where. "Next time you sign insurance waivers, you should read the fine print," says Shane. What Halpern really signed was a CI contract, which they could easily post outside Antwon's rec center.

Halpern figures Antwon probably got Salvadorans to move the body. Since he's out of commission, he doesn't know who Antwon would trust enough to be the middleman. Vic jabs the morphine button until the pump locks itself to keep Halpern from calling anyone.

Dutch brings up a kiddie badge. Roger asks the detective to pin it to his sweater. Once it's on, he starts talking. After Carl and Scooby left the apartment, they were approached by between three and seven people. Roger was doing "routine surveillance, monitoring bursts of non-visible light." He had nothing to do with the disappearances.

Roger asks if they both have level 3 clearance. "I'm still at level 2," Claudette mutters, leaving. Roger tells Dutch foreign spies are somehow messing with the gravity shelf, putting me in mind of the terrible Misha Collins sci-fi movie Stonehenge Apocalypse.

"Alien abduction is more plausible than anything he had to say," Claudette says of Roger. Dutch exposits, "He studied string theory at Cal Tech before going off the deep end." Monica wants Roger sent to the hospital on a psychiatric hold. Dutch points out that, although Roger is certainly psychotic, he's also their only witness.

Vic tells a Spider, a Salvadoran inmate at the INS detention center, that he can keep him from being deported. He just needs information on Antwon. The guy sings like a bird: "Pitario knew Antwon in prison. He's his go-to on all the ugly shit."

Vonda, Carl's understandably anxious wife, blames Monica for her husband's disappearance. She's optimistic that he's alive.

Vic talks to a hooker named Queenie. Some guy pulled a knife on her and threatened to cut out her breast implants if she didn't give up some address. She has no idea who it was or what it was about. The place turns out to be a foreclosed house. The cops kick in the door. "Oh Jesus!" Edgar-veda cries from the kitchen. Carl and Scooby lie handcuffed on the floor; they're shoeless, their uniforms filthy. They're also both dead. Everyone present is horrified.

Uniforms carry the stretchers bearing the fallen officers' bodies to the coroner's van. All the other cops stand on either side of their path as an honor guard. The street is crawling with reporters. On the porch, Vic says this was a body dump. The house isn't foreclosed upon; it was seized. All roads lead to Antwon.

Shane and Vic roust what looks like a recycling center. Vic knocks over a barrel of glasses and pushes a Salvadoran into the shards. Turns out he's Pitarrio. Vic asks who hired him to murder cops. "I didn't kill no cops," Pitario insists. Shane knows Antwon put him up to it. Pitarrio claims he was at the movies last night. Sure enough, there's a ticket stub in his pocket.

Pitarrio isn't totally innocent, though. He admits to moving a body for Antwon. Vic asks where. "Griffith Park near the horses," says Pitarrio.
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Roger calls Dutch over to the cage: "Surveillance has been non-productive so far." He adds that he's sorry about the dead officers. "They deserved better than to be dragged down like that," then sings a few bars of "Oh, My Darling Clementine."

Claudette knows nothing happens on her suspect's street that he doesn't sign off on. Yancy wasn't pissed off about the house that got seized; the owners cooked meth and it wasn't his anyway.

Dutch goes back to the crime scene, instructing Danny, Edgar-veda, and the uniforms to do another canvass.

Monica visits Vonda. The captain doesn't ease into anything, just says, "He's dead." Vonda tells Monica right to her face that her policies got her husband killed. Monica responds, "Carl was a hero." Vonda tells Julien and the captain to leave.

Dutch asks the uniforms to help him pry up a manhole cover.

Monica goes to the clubhouse. Lem is just getting off the phone with Walon from the Decoy Squad. Antwon's credit card was used to buy a Southwest Airlines ticket from Vegas to LAX. The plane's due to land at 7:30.

Dutch exposits found blood in the manhole he opened. Claudette wonders how two cops were convinced to go into a sewer. "'Officer, my daughter just fell down there. Can you help me?'" guesses Monica. Dutch also found a "blinged-out dogtag" engraved with the initials JP.

Suddenly, Danny and Edgar-veda hear banging as they drive around. When they get out of the car, there are two bullet holes in the rear passenger door.

Claudette shows Yancy the necklace. His initials don't match, but he probably knows who it does belong to. Yancy invites them to check the address book in his cell phone; he doesn't know a JP. He suggests the cops check with Leimert Jewelers, known for making that kind of necklace.

Some locals have vandalized Carl and Scooby's missing persons flyers with the phrase TWO DOWN, WHO'S NEXT? A cop has some words with a shop owner who basically says any black police officer is a race traitor. The uniform smashes the shop's window.
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Danny checks on useless Edgar-veda, who hurt his ribs trying to tackle someone.

In the breakroom, Monica thinks Edgar-veda should get X-rays. He tries to be all tough and manly, saying, "It comes with the territory." She tells him three other police cars have been shot at today and gives him some Tylenol. Edgar-veda advises her that the officers need to feel their captain's confidence during troubled times like this.

Vic lets Monica know that Pitarrio has an alibi. In turn, she tells him that Antwon's flying back from Vegas. She's sending uniforms to pick him up at LAX. She wants to bring in any person of interest possible; that could buy time for them to get a confession out of Antwon. "One unsympathetic asshole comin' right up," says Vic.

Shane tells Vic about Antwon's welcome wagon. Vic rounds on Lem: "You knew? What part of us getting information first didn't you understand?" Lem explains that Monica overheard him on the phone; he had to tell her.

Vic says Monica wants him to find someone to pin the murders on before another cop dies. Shane has a candidate: a gun dealer with the unfortunate street name of Urkel. Lem, of course, doesn't like the idea of arresting someone who's innocent. Shane argues that innocents don't normally drive around with a trunk full of guns.

Vic and Shane go back to the hospital. They tell Halpern to call Antwon and have him change his flight so he'll land in Burbank.

Claudette asks a guy named Jamal how his necklace got into a sewer where two cops were killed. Jamal claims the dog tag was stolen 6 months ago, along with his TV. He even filed a police report.

Monica leans out her office window, watching the guys bring in Urkel. She calls for Dutch and Claudette. Jamal was telling the truth about the burglary. They're still waiting on reports from the forensics lab. However, they may have caught a break. Vic arrested Urkel with a shitload of stolen guns. "Our guys were stabbed," Dutch points out.

Monica wants the press to think Carl and Scooby's killer is in custody. Whoever really did it might get cocky and start running their mouth, causing someone with a conscience to call in a tip.

Vic drives around with Antwon cuffed in the front seat of his truck. He knows how much the seizures hurt Antwon. Imagine what would happen if someone tried to take over the gang. Antwon scoffs that nobody will take him down. "Not without my backing," says Vic. He offers a deal: The three of them will go into business as long as Antwon lays off Vic, Shane, and their families. (And what about Ronnie and Lem)? "Either you're smoking crack or you think I am," says Antwon.

Vic got busted down from the gang task force and isn't interested in playing by the rules anymore. Well, that last word would imply he did at some point. He has a supposed heroin connection out of Miami, a group of Jamaicans known as the Splash Posse. How would Antwon like to be their distributor?

Antwon asks if the captain wants to know about Carl and Scooby. He didn't do anything to them or order anyone else to do it. Vic says the most she can hold him for is a few hours; he'll steer the questions if they're working together. "You're lucky your boy's got mad love for you," Antwon tells Shane. Vic chuckles, "We're all about mad love." Oh, Lem is gonna be pissed when he finds out...

Dutch holds a press conference in which he names Urkel as the cop killer, dodging questions about whether Urkel acted alone.

Danny brings Antwon to interrogation. Vic makes out like it was dumb luck finding him at Burbank Airport. "See you up there," Monica says to Vic. Claudette hands Dutch a stack of folders, files on all gang members with the initials J and P.

Vic has a powwow in the clubhouse. They don't have any charges to hold against Antwon, which only gives them 12 hours to find Angie's body. Shane has a map of Griffith Park; Pitarrio told him Angie's body is in three separate holes. "Christ," Lem sighs. He wants to go digging with Ronnie, Shane, and Army.

Upstairs, Monica, Vic, and Antwon stare at each other for a minute. The captain breaks the silence: "Thanks for coming in." End of episode.

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